Stretch Trump Keychain


Introducing the world’s smallest emotional support Stretch Trump. Standing just under 4″ tall and yes, it really stretches! This mini-size Donald Trump doll lets you manage stress in your pocket, no matter which way you swing. Stretch him. Squeeze him. Tie him in a knot!

Gift him to your opinionated friends and family. Attach him to your kid’s backpack. Buy two and wear them as earrings to your next political rally. It’s the perfect fidget toy and only annoys people without a sense of humor because it’s a toy!. Not sure if you should laugh or be offended? We say neither! Make toys stretch again starting with this collectible key chain and unique toy.


  • Keychain with easy push latch (you won’t be breaking any fingernails)
  • Political Power Blue Suit
  • ‘Yuge Red Tie
  • Glowing, Impeachable Skin
  • Perfect ready-to-go teeth and hair

What They're Saying

fake News reviews

"A tremendous gift. Perfect for fidgety and trigger happy fingers."


"Make toys stretch again!"


"That's one good looking hombre."