Stretch Trump Action Figure


Meet the world’s most ironic, anti-stress toy and collectible action figure. Stretch him. Squeeze him. Twist him. Tie him in a knot! The Trump Doll comes in hilarious molded packaging making it a unique collectible, political gag gift, or stress relief toy; for occasions where smiles are in order.

$5 flat rate, ground, shipping anywhere in U.S. Ships within 1-2 business days.

Perfect ready-to-go hair and teeth

Tailored blue suit and 'yuge' red tie

Glowing, orange skin

Normal size hands

Head rotates 45° left to right, to maintain signature "unnecessary aggressive" look

Height: 12"

Weight: 3.5 lbs

Body: 100% latex

Filled with: Non-toxic maltose

Ages 3+

What They're Saying

Our favorite reactions and reviews

“He’s a little disturbing at first, but it’s surprisingly satisfying to squish him!”

Adam B.

The moment I saw this toy at Designer Con, I thought it was the best thing ever! I didn't hesitate to play with it and purchase it on the spot. Since then I have taken it with me to family gatherings, work, and New Orleans. Everyone loves it especially when I say, "If you do it to the doll it will happen in real life."

Joe V.

“So you’re selling a likeness of Trump? Sounds like he’s still creating jobs. A win for trump and a win for capitalism!”

Joe D.