What can you do with Stretch The Truth Trump?

Let me tell you! Stretch The Truth™ Trump action figure is awesome because he has a flagrant disregard for conventional shape, he can stretch up to 4ft and you can tie him in a knot. He’ll return to his original shape every time like “never happened folks”

At work, he’s a great conversation starter for all those awkward political conversations you never want to have. Are you single and want to stay single forever? What better way to send a message to Shelly in accounting that you’re a winner, than playing with toys at your desk?

You can also eat him, you will probably get sick, but he would fit in your mouth!

Give him as a gift. Your rich Uncle Steve, from Rosemary Beach, Florida, really wants one for his birthday. We’re sure he’ll write you out of his will if you send him one— “Good times.”

When you think of all the frustration that the modern world brings your way, you’ll understand why many people across the globe are turning to Stretch Trump as the ultimate companion for stress management. We suggest keeping a Stretch Trump Action Figure in your glove box for those who listen to the news during their morning commute. (Stretch Politics the company does not warranty products thrown from moving vehicles.)

Ultimately, we hope Stretch The Truth Trump makes you laugh!

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