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We love working with like-minded brands, media and influencers! Email for more info.

Why isn't there a hillary or obama doll? They are liars too.

First, we believe everyone stretches the truth. If Hillary would have won or we would have thought of this product while Obama was in office, you’d see their doll. Donald Trump was the lowest hanging fruit of all the truth stretchers out there. Follow us to get updates on new characters and products!

This toy is disrespectful. He's still your president.

Political satire and toys have been around for ages. Our team is made up of varying political affiliations. We’ve immortalized the world’s most infamous president, think about that. 

Do you ship outside of the united states?

Not yet but we’re working on shipping internationally. Subscribe to our newsletter to get updates!

There's a problem with my order

That’s the worst. We’re here to help. Email and we work together in resolving the issue.

Where does my money go when purchasing a trump doll?

To a small business and team of entrepreneurs. We also periodically donate portions of our proceeds to charities and organizations in need, like the Homeless Veterans Fellowship last December! Know a charity in need? Email 

Why did you make him so good looking and thin?

We don’t condone body and figure shaming. Also, he’s a super hero. Finally, try squishing him and looking at him from the side view.