Can you believe it? Stretch Trump is famous! He was on not one, but two TV shows in one week! 


Stretch Trump Re-Enacts “Alien II” Scene With Sigourney Weaver

He made an appearance on Full Frontal with Samantha Bee in the cold opening for Not the Whitehouse Correspondents’ Dinner. Their re-enactment of an Aliens II scene, where Ripley, played by  Sigourney Weaver, discovers a child in the vents. Samantha Bee played newt as she clutched her Stretch Trump Doll and tries to run away. 

Sigourney comforts Samantha Bee who admits she’s stressed out about the upcoming 2020 elections. Other notable journalists, Becca Traister and Katie Couric made cameos as well. 

“I’d rather get another televised colonoscopy than cover the 2020 elections,” said Couric.

We hear you on that, Couric. Where else did our Stretch Trump doll make his appearance???

Moby Uses Stretch Trump to Cope with Donald Trump

On Real Time With Bill Maher, he guided Moby on different ways to use ASMR to deal with Trump.

When Maher instructed Moby what to do with the Stretch Trump doll, Moby replied: “Do I have to?”

You’ll have to watch the clip below to see what he was asked. Maher had people laughing and we loved seeing our Trump action figure being put to good use? No judgement.

No matter which way you swing, Stretch Trump can be your emotional support. Let us know how you use him to relieve stress and laugh a little with #StretchTrump!