Stretch Trump benefits homeless veterans of utah

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by Radio From Hell Show x96

In December 2018, Stretch The Truth Toys teamed up with the Radio From Hell Show to help raise funds for homeless veterans in need. A portion of sales was collected when any customer bought a Stretch Trump action figure during the month of December. We were stoked by the support from those who made a purchase to benefit others and were able to donate $500 to the fellowship.


Not only is Stretch Trump a great stress reliever, he can really light up the room, too. Erik Workman visited the Homeless Veterans Fellowship in Ogden, Utah and surprised its director, Jeff Kane, with a trump doll. Pace laughed and said over and over “this is going to be big! This is going to be a hot item! How did you come up with this?”

We picked the Fellowship as our recipient of choice because our founder, Erik Workman, is a veteran himself. After serving for four years of active duty in the U.S. Marine Corps, Workman knows how hard the transition to civilian life can be. He said he’s felt very fortunate to have come home and moved forward in life but has seen first hand — it’s not the case for everyone. He knows the struggle and has seen friends and fellow veterans struggle to cope with the realities of returning home.

 “Our mission is to provide a stabilized living environment, counseling services, and additional programs that will enable homeless veterans and veterans at risk of being homeless to return to self-sufficiency.”

The Fellowship services veterans in the Utah and Southern Idaho area and is primarily run by veterans. Their program offers short term and long-term assistant for homeless veterans including:

  • Short term and long term housing needs
  • Clothing, food and other necessities
  • Job placement assistance

Bobi Pace, an executive admin for the Fellowship, explained people’s misconceptions about homeless veterans. She said many of these veterans don’t have the stability and support system they need. 

We’re happy our donation is going toward fellow humans in need and can’t wait to continue giving back to the community in the future. If you’d like to set up your own charity event with us, please contact


Pace jokes with coworker about using Stretch Trump during next staff meeting.