5 Things All Voters  Should Do Before The 2018 Midterm Elections

We are just weeks away from the November 2018 Midterm Elections. How prepared are you to use your constitutional rights and privileges in casting your vote? We’ve compiled a very short list to help you out.

5 Things All Voters  Should Do Before The 2018 Midterm Elections

#1 Decide If You Want To Vote

This is very important, so we’ve made a question flow chart to get the final answer you need.

How to answer if you should vote for United State 2018 midterm elections

#2 Register To Vote

Most states deadlines have come and gone to receive a mail-in ballot. Dang it, right? Well this simply means you have to be a little more proactive to cast your vote on election day, Tuesday November 6. For the 2016 elections, around 60 percent of eligible US voters were registered but in the 2014 midterms it was less than 40 percent, according to PEW.

To put simply, the voter turnout for midterms, not good. Your politicians who want everything to stay the same sure do benefit from that.

Midterms are when big decisions are made. Presidential Elections are really only choosing America’s next scapegoat. If you want to make change, here’s how to verify your voter registration.

#3 Learn About Candidates Who Are Running, Propositions and Legislation 

There are a lot of pieces at play for midterm elections.

  1. Congressional, state and local people running for office.
  2. Congressional, state, and local bills and legislature being considered

Remember, media is biased, your family is biased, everyone is biased but here are some helpful links for discovering more about what and who you’re voting for:









#4 Have a Voting Strategy In Place To Minimize Stress

We know that #3 can be a lot of work to do, especially if you don’t have access to the internet, if you’re too busy, if you’re too lazy, etc.

If you are all for bipartisan government, you can simply do a straight ticket Democratic or Republican vote when choosing candidates. For the other stuff? You can go off your gut feelings. You can do 50/50. You can do all “yes” or all “no.”

There’s a lot of great methods out there, being thoroughly informed is ideal, but hey, we elected President Trump didn’t we? That has got to show some of the most informed voters of all time.

#5 Commit To What You’ve Learned And Don’t Let Your Opinion Be Swayed

Once you’ve done all the heavy lifting in preparing for elections, stick to your guns. Let your opinion be most important and don’t let the other side try and change your mind.


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