Who, by the show of hands, has ever embellished, omitted, white lied and stretched the truth in their life? If you’re not raising your hand you’re stretching it right now but don’t worry, we still love you— and that’s the honest truth.

Laughter is Statistically Proven to be the Best Form of Medicine

Actually, that’s a lie. The first is a natural plant that Stretch The Truth Trump will have to fill you in on later. Laughter is second best.

Stretch The Truth™ was formed by a small group of friends and family who don’t take themselves too seriously. The world can be a ruthless place at times. Adding humor here or there can provide just what is needed to make it through the day. This is NOT about politics, but rather a remedy for laughter and light-hearted banter.

“3 Things We Shouldn’t Discuss in Polite Company: Religion, Politics and Money.”

Really? It seems like we’re at the point of defensiveness, political correctness, and walking-on-egg-shells, that we can’t openly discuss things anymore. (Even if it’s as simple as having no convincing alternative explanation for climate change somebody is going to have to disagree with you. 🙄)

Well here’s the thing folks, if we were to really sit down in a room together, face-to-face, we might find more often than not that we agree on a lot of things. And if we don’t? Who the hell cares! We can still be friends whether you think Nike’s new ad for “Just Do It” is a terrible message or brave.

As we’ve started showing Stretch the Truth Trump to our friends, whether they are left wing, right wing, up or down wing— people have a laugh. We’re combatting a few of the major causes of divisiveness in the world by creating something to laugh about:

  1. That we’re all guilty of stretching the truth here and there in hopes that we appear how we think we should or want to appear. Like when you say “I read an article” but the truth is “I read the headline.” It’s okay, just remember that all news, is fake news.
  2. Politics
  3. President Donald Trump (yes he gets his own number on this list)

Stretch The Truth™ Company, Established 2018

Stretch the Truth came to fruition when Erik Workman saw his youngest son playing with a Christmas gift— Stretch Armstrong. If you’re thinking “Ah man, I remember those things!” you’re probably not a millennial.

Vintage Stretch Armstrong

Not long, kids used to play with something besides their electronic devices. They were called “toys.”

Erik and Forrest joked about making a Stretch Trump and soon realized, this was no joking matter. This action figure could make America great again— and it had to be done. By the summer of 2018, we had prototypes to show our friends.

There were a few of the first reactions

“Is that what I think it is? A Donald Trump Doll?”

“Ew, what is that?”

“😂 This is hilarious.”

“It’s like a giant stressball!”

“🤣🤣 little hands.”

“I could use this to calm down for everytime I hear or read the word Trump.”

How Stretch The Truth Trump is made by Stretch The Truth company

The master tool for Stretch The Truth Trump was finished August 17, 2018.

In just a few short weeks, Stretch The Truth Trump will be gracing the world with his presence.

Stretch The Truth Trump action figure looks just like donald trump.

Stretch The Truth Team

Our team was formed through long-term connection and relationships. Here’s a snapshot:

Forrest – He’s our creative and graphics wizard who’s built up a successful screen printing business, brother in law of…

Erik Workman – He’s worked on product development of many companies for over 10 years. Products that involve a face? Toys? Not so much, which leads us to…

BD – Our favorite china man. BD has helped us get connected with the right manufacturers and handles international distribution.BD’s and his family have been connected through business and developed a close relationship for 30 years because of…

Robert Workman – An entrepreneur and big-hearted person who loves to create but more importantly connect with the world around by doing good. He’s kind of like master to the young padawans who’s worked with…

Jim Thorton – A fellow Business Jedi Master. He helps us be smart and think ahead along with…

Brad – Our stretchiest team member who handles all things marketing because the second hardest question in life, after solving world peace, is “who is our target market?”

With our powers combined we give you Stretch The Truth, home of the world's greatest action figure super hero Stretch The Truth Trump

Stretch The Truth Into the Future

Stretch the Truth Trump is just the start of many laughable products to come. Stretch Trump will undoubtedly need a sidekick, a good…er… bad arch nemesis.

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