Stretch the Truth Trump is the single most, greatest,  completely relatable, humble, helpful, run-of-the-mill businessman, by day. But at night? Well, he’s the world’s most amazing, fact-distorting and form contorting, superhero!

To put it simply, Stretch the Truth Trump action figure is a home run.

Stretch the Truth Trump Action Figure Special Features

Stretch the truth trump action figure is like a modern day stretch armstrong

Stretch Trump comes in one color, Trump Orange, Pantone 45, or colloquial known as “the perfect tan”.

He can stretch up to 4ft and he’ll return to his original shape, every time like it “never happened.”

He’s flexible, try twisting him into a knot!

His body is soft, squishy, squeezable, malleable and easy to manipulate.

While his hands may look small, Stretch Trump can guarantee you that, “My hands are normal hands. Normal, strong, good-size, great, fine.”

Each action figure comes with perfect ready-to-go hair teeth and tailored suit. And of course, his tie, inspired by the man who started the red tie trend in the 80’s.

How To Use Stretch the Truth Trump’s Superhero Powers

At home, he’s an irresistible, hands-on delight for the whole family— one might not be enough. Mom will enjoy his company anytime she needs to give something a tight squeeze or throw something against a wall and it’s totally legal. Stretch Trump Tug of War is the simplest game to get Johnny and Freddy off their damn screens. He’ll be honored to join Little Sally’s playtime tea party with Mrs. Nezbit and her little sister.

At work, he’s a great conversation starter and a tremendous conversation ender for all those awkward political conversations you never want to have. Do your department meetings go on and on? Bring him with you to keep your hands busy so your mind can focus on the always-so-important weekly updates. Sorry, what was that Linda? “You’re Fired.” Then again, maybe not.

As a gift, he’s sure to be the funniest, most coveted item for white elephants and family gift exchanges (sorry, you got Glen AGAIN this year). Stretch Trump will make gift giving great again for your die-hard, ‘Murica loving, original constitution defending, gun-wielding friends and your confused liberal friends who hate freedom (are you even an American?).

stretch the truth trump is a great anti stress companion As a stress management tool, you’ll understand why people across the globe are turning to Stretch Trump as the ultimate companion to cope with President Trump Stress Disorder. He’s the perfect travel companion to keep road rage in check and all other frustrations thrown your way. He’s like the best version of a stress ball you can own, it’s harder to lose it and it won’t roll away!

As a physical therapy tool. Experiencing muscle strains from working on your computer or your nightly twitter blitz’s? Stretch trump can be your personal trainer to exercise the muscles of your hand, keeping you nimble and ready to type another day.

As a way to laugh. The number one thing we hope Stretch The Truth provides is laughter.

Leave us a comment or tag us on social of how you plan to use Stretch The Truth Trump!