When we set out to create Stretch The Truth Trump, we had the mentality that we should just do this because we thought it was funny, but honestly we had no idea that people would react the way they have. People love this character! It’s fun, it’s light hearted, and there’s something about pulling on the president’s leg for change that makes people smile every time. Love or hate Donald Trump you have to admit that he is a very animated character in the real world. Every time Stretch The Truth Trump comes up in conversation, people will have something funny to say about how they envision playing with him. Seriously, hand this toy over to anyone! You’re guaranteed an emotional reaction every time.

The world is full of extreme opinions; that’s what got us here in the first place, so remember to have fun with it!

If you have any comments or questions on how to play with Stretch Trump, or have something funny to say about the character, please share it through our contact page or instagram. @stretchthetruthAF #stretchthetruth

Thanks for reading!